World Council of Optometry un Alcon vebinārs 08.11.2022


World Council of Optometry kopā ar Alcon organizē bezmaksas vebināru sēriju par Sauso aci. Pirmais vebināru bloks notiek 2022. gada 8. novembrī un tam iespējams pieteikties šeit.

Informācija oriģinālvalodā:

We are happy to inform you that the World Council of Optometry (WCO) together with Alcon, have collaborated to organize a series of webinars (4) from 8th  of November up to 16th  of May on Dry Eye Disease with 3 of the top KOLs in the world in the optometry field.

The scope is to raise awareness among Optometrists across the world about Dry Eye. The webinars are free and anyone can participate as long as they follow the registration process.

We encourage you to share either the invitation attached or the below link with your peers for the first instalment of this webinar series at 8th of November.—dry-eye-disease-mitigation/reg/Site/Register



Latvijas laiks
Broadcast #1: 5 p.m. HKT = Hong Kong Time  9:00  otrdiena 8. novembris, 2022 Rīga.
Broadcast #2: 6 p.m. CET = Central European Time  19:00 otrdiena 8. novembris, 2022 Rīga.
Broadcast #3: 6 p.m. PST = Pacific Standard Time 04:00, trešdiena, 9. novembris, 2022 Rīga.




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